Wednesday, September 7, 2011

City Love!

It was a good weekend this past weekend! Five Wadsworth churches joined forces, igniting about 200 people to serve the city with the love of Christ. We served the police and fire departments. We reached out to folks at 3 different nursing homes. We did yardwork and home maintenance for those in need around the town. We partnered with important city ministries like The Garage, Marian's Closet and Salvation Army to help them continue what they are doing to reach the world for Christ. And we came together at the end for a time of celebration and worship, where about 35 folks joined in a community church choir.

This is the beginning of something that will be pretty impressive as more and more churches in the community stop caring who gets the credit and become more concerned with how God gets the glory.

2010 was one church. 2011 was five churches. Praying that 2012 will be 10 churches, united for Christ's renown.

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