Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roll Tribe!!

Well, the Indians are in contention in August which seems like a rarity in the last 10 years. But its pretty exciting. The Browns are also gearing up for a new year. Here's some thoughts on both:

I am in the minority who likes the Ubaldo Jimenez trade. More than the players we lost or gained, I like the statement that management has made by saying we are invested in winning now. And to be honest you won't find a more friendly contract. If we do make the postseason and can put Jimenez Masterson Tomlin out there in a 5 game format, I like our chances.

The Tribe taking the first two against Detroit is big. Even bigger is the way they did it, first ripping their hearts out in 14 innings. Then, stomping on their hearts in a 10-3 thrashing. But the biggest test is tonight...Verlander is one of the most dominant pitchers in the game and we have to beat him to cut it to one game back. I'm hoping Fausto Jekyll comes instead of Fausto Hyde.

The Browns are not great. Perhaps the team with the most holes to fill and the most cap available to fill it, they did absolutely nothing in free agency.

I do like the core group of young leadership on this team though. If Hayden and Ward continue to move into the role of defensive game changers and Rubin and Taylor stuff the run like they're built to, the defense could be strong enough to compete every week.

The other side of the ball puts the offense into offensive. The key needs were to get some wide outs who could take some pressure off Hillis and Ben Watson. Our best solution was to draft Greg Little. I think he can help at wide out, but it may be a year or two before he is a legitimate threat.

I like McCoy and I think the new offense could benefit him and preserve his life.

My predictions: Indians keep it close the rest of the year and play the tigers for all the marbles the last wseries of the season.

Browns go 7-9 and 3 and 3 in the division. (We beat Cincy twice and upset Pittsburgh to ruin their playoff hopes.) You heard it here first.

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