Thursday, August 25, 2011


So, I have been on a week hiatus from blogdom, but wanted to share about our church's epic Sunday this past week.

We revealed that the church had received a $25,000 gift from a former member of the church (who left Ohio back in 1963!)

We also shared that we are participating in an initiative called Change Your World and we passed out $5000 of that gift to the congregation with the charge for them to multiply their talents to change the world.

The goal is to turn our $5000 into $15,000 and then divide that money into six causes (modeled after Jesus' commands in Matthew 25:35-36.)

We are feeding the hungry in Wadsworth.
We are fulfilling the thirsty in Bolivia.
We are tending to the sick in Sierra Leone.
We are releasing the captive from sex trafficking in Mali.
We are clothing the naked in Northeast Ohio.
We are sending a team to Joplin, Missouri to rebuild a town for those who are homeless.

I'm involved in two different Talent Multiplying Endeavors. I received $60 and am helping organize a golf outing for Marian's Closet. The hope is to provide all the prizes for the top three golf teams free of cost to the Closet and then watch that money multiply into thousands of dollars.

I also am participating in the REAL Men of Genius Fantasy Football League. One guy in the league used his talents to buy a prize for the winner of the league. All the other guys put $20 into the pot to enter the league. We turned $20 into $220 to help rescue 5 women from the sex trade in Mali, Africa.

This is one of the most unique and compelling endeavors our church has journeyed in. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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