Thursday, April 28, 2011

How's It?

Crazy week of meetings this week. Here are some life updates.

-Bought a crib and a mattress yesterday. I guess it is official. We're having a baby. I'm excited. She is pretty stinkin' active in mama's belly...either that or Shaina's got some massive gas issues (which has not been ruled out!)

-Congrats to Peyton Hillis, the cover boy for the Best Selling Sports Video Game of all time, Madden. Hillis won the 2012 cover in a landslide against Mike Vick, who appropriately enough got beaten up by the Dawg Pound :-). They will have to shrink Hillis' biceps from actual size to fit him on the cover.

-The Number One seeded SUM Guys fell in their loser bracket game last night to the three seed by 3 points. We played well but came up short. Special shout out to the two officials for our game from St. Mary's School for the Blind. You did well, considering.

-I got to be part of my cousin Terri's wedding over Easter weekend. It was a lot of fun and I am really excited for her and her new husband Rod! God and I don't tie loose knots, so they are in it for good!

-Today I've got an important luncheon with some area churches to cast vision for City Love, an opportunity for the area churches of Wadsworth to join forces and love and serve the community on Labor Day Sunday. It is always fun to see churches lay aside their egos for the Church of Christ. And it is amazing what God can do when we only care that He gets the credit!

-Good Friday last week was a blast. There were more people there that I didn't know than that I did which is awesome. My hope is everybody thinks about the Rooster in a new light. The band that came together for that event was incredible. But the message and the music didn't compare at all to the READINESS of the people who came to worship. It is amazing when the people WANT God to meet with them. That environment, whether 2 strong or 200,000 strong is the best environment on Earth.

-Finish this sentence. With the 6th pick of the NFL Draft tonight, the Cleveland Browns ____________________________.

(I say, "The Cleveland Browns draft Patrick Peterson"...if he's available!)

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