Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The World Doesn't Evolve Around You

Ran a couple church errands today. One was to go to the Post Office and send 35 care packages out. The second was to go to the bank and transfer money from our church to a church in Kenya.

I know how to work with the post office. They get stressed when they see 35 packages come in. So I bring in 10. I warn them that I will make a couple more trips in...but that I'm in no rush so the people in line can keep funneling through between my trips. I'm always appreciative and even take in cookies to say thanks sometimes. If the world evolved around me...I'd tick off the post office works, tick off the people who have one little package to take care of and then I'd go on my way. But the world doesn't evolve around me.

The bank was part two of the story. A lady had a fairly lengthy transaction to make. Meanwhile an elderly couple was sitting off at a desk filling out some paperwork. The couple got in line and the lady finished her transaction, but was sharing with the bank teller about her son who just had a pretty serious sickness. The elderly man yelled for all the bank to hear..."Come On Lady, Stop talking."

The lady was visibly hurt by it and walked out. The bank teller was ticked off and went from compassionate listening ear to aggravated and annoyed worker. Hey old guy..the world doesn't evolve around you...and when you think it will actually conspire against you to show you it doesn't all the more. By being an impatient, inconsiderate butt, he got the line to go faster...but it wouldn't surprise me if he was short a couple dollars when he got his money.

He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30

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