Sunday, March 13, 2011

Curse You Time Change

I'm all for falling back. Extra hour of sleep. Can't beat it.

But springing forward? It's not my thing. Don't get me wrong. I love that it signifies that there is an end in sight to winter. I love that it allows it to stay lighter later. Good things. But the night that you rip an hour of sleep away from me is a night you will soon regret.

Two times the time change has haunted me.

First time was when we were at Smithville. We missed the memo that we were to fall back. Shaina and I arrived at the church at what we thought was 7:00 a.m. but no one else was there...and no one else came...we began wondering if church had been cancelled...or if the whole world was watching our lives as a tv show (Truman Show anyone?) An hour later, right about when the service was to begin, so we thought, people began arriving, jolly, they had just had the best night's they scored a bonus hour of sleep somewhere. That part of my life was called Coveting...and eventually Repentance.

Second incident was springing forward. We were in Indianapolis for a weekend conference. We stayed at a hotel and were instructed that we had to get up on Sunday and check out before the last meetings began. This was to be around 7 a.m. We got up and packed and left our room and checked out...but no other conference members were to be found. It turns out that the hotel alarm clocks were designed to manually switch times at Day Light Savings time. This is a nice feature...unless you're in a part of the country that does not spring forward! Then you end up with 0 sleep sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for everyone else to wake up and check out. This part of my life was called "Cell Phone Alarm Clock Epiphany."

So, is the glass half full or half empty when you hear the words Spring Forward?

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