Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Rant

Dear Valentines Day,

Its not that I don't care for you, it's just that I think you've taken something really important and distorted it into a narcissistic, self-indulgent bunch of mularkey.

The way I understand this day is that I'm supposed to go head over heels, bend over backwards, pull out all the stops (insert any other cliches you'd like) for Shaina. This one day is supposed to rekindle the flame. I'm supposed to make it all about her and how, in the words of Jerry Maguire, 'she completes me'.

But see V-day...she doesn't complete me. And thinking so is just adding another idol that steals my affections from the only One who can complete me. I love Shaina, but its unfair to put an expectation on her to fill a void in my life that cannot be filled by any woman, or any thing, but the one who by His very nature is a Void Filler. Shaina is my helpmate...God is my soulmate. Shaina helps me...I help her. We help each other and when we do it well, God is glorified.

So ladies, I sincerely apologize if this is one of the only times of the year that your man takes you out or gives you special attention. Help mates should do that all the time. I'm also sorry if you think that you are entitled to a lavish day that is all about you and if he doesn't meet your expectations you're upset.

And men, its time we relearn the concept of how to honor and serve our ladies. Its not about making up for a year of neglect in a big way on 2.14...Its about leaving no doubt in our lady's mind day after day that you value her and that you value the One who made her even more.

So Valentine Day, I'm not going to indulge. I'm just going to help and serve my wife...because that is more at the center of love than diamonds, chocolates and gluttony.



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