Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Meanderings on Church and Leadership IV

52...Thats the number of opportunities you've got on a Sunday morning in a year.

Considering that many in your church will only come on an every other week basis, make it 26.

Depending on your context, you may only have an hour for your worship time.

26 hours to try to cultivate transformation and spiritual try to lay out the Gospel and invite people into a new upside down kingdom.

"The crisis of the Church isn’t that fewer people are coming to church, it’s that the people that are coming to church aren't being transformed." --Pete Wilson

As leaders, we have a few options with this reality before us.

We can attack the system. Who in their right mind thinks transformation will happen in 26 hours? Those same people who show up 26 hours a year to church will watch 26 hours of television this week. They will spend 26 hours driving this month for work. How on earth can we think that 26 hours in a year can lead to breakthroughs. Some will hate the system...Some will try to reinvent the system (focus on discipleship/small groups).

As flawed an imperfect as the systems tend to be...the reality is that you still have 26 hours this year. 26 opportunities to lead people to the throne of grace. 26 opportunities to take people to the cross and the resurrection.

26 hours...Don't waste a minute of them on something trivial or secondary.

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