Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Reflections

I rooted for the Packers for essentially two reasons.

1. They played the Steelers.
2. I wanted Brett Favre's shadow to lessen in the NFL, particularly Green Bay

Packers won.

That's fine. Steelers don't get a 7th ring. That's good.

But, a Steelers loss doesn't give me swagger as a Browns fan. The Browns are still a cellar dweller. So Browns fan...don't taunt...just sigh a big sigh of relief...the Steelers Shadow over our franchise didn't get bigger tonight. So, to Mike, Tom and Pat...its your go now. Hit a home run in the draft. Build a winning mentality around McCoy, Hillis, Ward and Haden. And lets get our own swagger goin'.

And congrats to the Packers whose 'fill the gap' mentality of replacing injured guys with back ups was a pretty impressive story all season. Congrats to Aaron Rodgers who is now officially the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and who has cemented himself in the category of top 5 quarterbacks in the league.

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Wood said...

Glad to see a reasonable fan, vs a hater. We lost, no fun, and I gotta wear a cheesehead. But, that loss does not make the Browns any better. I spent most of the night fielding text messages from browns fans reveling in the loss, though I was able to learn how to deal with losing, as Browns fans know how to lose.

Heres to hoping the Browns DO get better, so the rivalry becomes more fun than watching a hammer hit a nail.