Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daniel Fast Day 20

Won't be long now. Of course that's what the monkey said when he got his tail stuck in the lawnmower.

Some thoughts/reflections on the Daniel Fast experience

-From a food perspective, it is amazing to think/experience how the body detoxes. In 3 weeks, eliminating meat, sugars and dairy (along with preservatives, additives,etc) will cause the body to detox. This is a bit alarming in regards to what we put in our body that is pretty harmful.

-Fasting with wrong motivations is not good. If I'm doing it because I put a few lb's on over Christmas, it might be good for the body, but wrong motivations don't nourish the soul.

-Satisfaction in Jesus is really the sweet spot. But for me at least, it was so hard to stay there. The first couple days it was feeling the body's 'needs' for substances or foods. Then all throughout the rest it was a battle to stay honed in on God's presence and prayer rather than meals, ingredients and temptations. But those moments that you throw off everything that hinders and fix your eyes on Jesus, are moments where your ears have been dug out and your eyes have been opened.

-It is easy to see a self-rightoeousness flair up in me as I think I'm something impressive or what I'm doing is something sacrificial. When the fast was working the way it should, I was not puffing myself up, but puffing God up as my sustainer and provider.

-Won't be long now.

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