Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Golden Calves (not Cavs)

A year ago today, I wrote this

And preached at one point not too long after that post on the Church as a Holy Nation (and got beat up afterwards). Though it was a tough message, I am certain it was God's message and I can say I have never been more biblically honed in, spiritually prayed up and informationally researched up than that message.

A year later and we are approaching another Sunday just like last year's Sunday. And it will mask the true message of the day, ONE BAPTISM. It will dilute a message about the power of the cross and its ability to bring the dead to life. I know I'm in the minority, but I also know that no one has made a case biblically to sway me from the conviction that our God is the God of the nations...the God Most High...and when He starts the 10 commandments by saying that we shouldn't have any other gods...He meant it. Dual Allegiance is idolatry. And we've had a long history of claiming "For God and Country"

Again, not everyone shares this conviction...but I cannot take part.

Irony of Ironies...My one prayer for 2011? ONE GOD.

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