Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last night, with the snow falling, I got to be part of a Prayer Initiative called City.Prayer. 14 of us braved the elements, met in the sanctuary of our church to receive instructions and then split up and covered the city in prayer. The overarching breath prayer for all of us..."Show me What you see Lord"

Groups went to WalMart, restaurants and hotels, to other area churches, to the schools all over town, to the city hall, police and fire departments, with one thing to pray...Show me what you see Lord. I got to take 3 of the youth from the church to the cemetery and to the hospital. We walked around the cemetery in silence and solitude. There was an eerie peace in this endeavor. We gathered and prayed for families who had lost loved ones. We prayed that we would live in such a way that our spiritual legacy outlasted the breaths we took. We prayed with the reality that everyone of us (short of the second coming) is guaranteed a 6 foot slab of real estate to push daisies up from...and that only those who experience the cross of Christ will have the sting of that death removed.

We prayed at the hospital for doctors and nurses...for the suffering...the dying...for the families who are adjusting to new types of normal...for friends and church members who were in the hospital as patients...for new moms and new babies...we prayed for EMTs...prayed for healing...but not just so that people would feel happier or better in life...we prayed that healing would come to those who would Make Much Of Him because of the healing...We prayed that in other circumstances people would find ways to make much of Him in their suffering.

Its amazing how us/me focused prayer can be...But the city needs the hope of Christ. And we can't see how to be that until He opens our eyes.

Show me what you see Lord...A dangerous prayer that will forever change the course of your life.

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Wood said...

What an incredible prayer...show me what You see... so great to see from Gods perspective, rather than ours. Sounds like a great night