Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We Need More Plotters and Plodders

Read a post from Mark Batterson's blog yesterday that made me say "YES!"

The world and the church need both plotters (those who are visionary strategists) and plodders (those who take vision from point a to point z with effort and work.)

I'm undeniably a plotter. I have ideas (good and bad) all the time. But the more that I am forced to execute ideas on my own (plod), I exhaust myself. I need plodders. And plodders need plotters who help them know what they do is taking the organization or the movement somewhere significant.

What both the world and the church DON'T need is more "Oughters" who gripe and moan about how bad things are and how things 'ought to be', but don't offer any plotting or plodding to move us forward. Generally, there are more oughters than plotters and plodders...who blame ineffective ministries or failing government plans for not working. Generally, if the oughters would take the energy placed on negativity and spend it where they are wired (either visioning or implementing), solutions would replace problems.

So, own it...are you a plotter, plodder or oughter and are you being effective?

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