Friday, November 12, 2010

Reprogramming your systems and your life Part Two

So you learned about my TV remote problem here.

But the story isn't finished. The remote was fixed and everything worked. I could channel down...get the little tv guide to come up. But then I tried to turn it off after the Browns game. It wouldn't work.

At about the same time Shaina and I's garage door openers stopped working. We changed the batteries...still nothing.

So every day if we want to watch tv, we get up press the power button and then go sit down. We finish watching tv, we get up press the power button and leave.

Every time we pull out of the garage, we get out of the car press the garage door button inside the garage and then go back to the car. Every time we pull in, we get out of the car, open the door and press the button and then pull into the garage.

I know it seems silly to mention these minor inconveniences, but when we let our lives and our systems get out of whack like this, it is much more costly.

You need to quit doing routines that are life draining rather than life giving. Some of the things you do in your personal life and in your job are not working.

Sometimes you need the drastic change (get a battery out and do something very different. However, minor tweaks are sometimes what make systems run more smoothly.

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