Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reprogramming your systems and your life Part One

Its been about 4 weeks since my tv remote fell down into the couch during a browns game. I was going in and out of consciousness and didn't notice. Apparently the remote, when buttons are pushed it for a long period of time goes into a protection mode where it shuts down. I got the manual out to try to figure out what to do and no matter what I did, I could not revive the dumb thing.

I called the cable company who supplies the remotes and the slick tech guy knew my consternation within seconds. "Alright bud, here's what ya gotta do. Take one batter out, hold down these two buttons, wait for a light, press this button and if this happens press this button...but if that happens then press this button."

I did everything he told me...and voila a working remote!

I'm pretty sure that if I had 5 years of trial and error problem solving to try to revive that remote on my own, I would never have figured it out...Take out one batter? seriously?

Here's the point...some of us spend way too much time stuck in a system or a lifestyle that isn't turning anything on...its powerless. And the longer you wallow in the broken system, the more frustrated, angry and hopeless you will get (Shaina would not have been too drawn to me during my 'remote control rant'.

So if you call for help (prayer), He will give you the solution (revelation) and you can get out of the brokeness. The problem is, that He may be telling you to do something wild with your organization's systems or your life. And you have to decide whether you're willing to go outside the box to get outside the mess. He may want you to take a battery out and push some random buttons...and the major issue will be do you trust the instruction giver or not?

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