Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 10 Things From Our Cruise

Well, we're back to the grind! Got back yesterday evening from a 7 day cruise that went to Nassau, Bahamas...Half Moon Cay...and Grand Turk Island. Here's 10 things I've learned from the trip:

10. September is the perfect time to cruise...Very few kids...good rates because of hurricane season and still hot sunny weather.

9. Shaina and I slept about 8-10 hours every night and still managed to take between an hour and two hour nap each day. I think that may be an indicator that we were running at an unsustainable pace for awhile and our bodies were reacting to that.

8. Never have I ever seen such a combination of 400 pound people, 80's mullets, and deaf people in one setting. Apparently there was a deaf vacationers group that had to comprise at least 10 percent of the 2000 person cruise.

7. I am not built for 100 degree weather. Combine extreme hairyness with extreme sweatiness and mix in my ever so delicate pasty white skin, and it can make for a pretty rough time. Even with sunscreen applied and reapplied, both Shaina and I got pretty toasty.

6. Half Moon Cay, Carnival's privately owned island is quite possibly the most beautiful beach area in the world. White sand and crystal clear water make for a fantastic experience.

5. Top deck of the ship at about 10 p.m. = more stars than you can count...and because of the extreme fascination with booze and gambling, there was virtually no one who knew about it!

4. The Carnival Cruise Staff are some of the nicest people. Dinner every night was perhaps the highlight of the trip. Delicious 3 course meals, amazing, attentive service and a 5 foot, Turkish maitre'd made for some great laughs.

3. Good entertainment. We saw a few shows, a ridiculous juggler and a pretty funny comedian.

2. 400 minutes of nap time on vacation is great...400 unread emails in the inbox when you come back...not so great.

1. 7 days apart from everything is great for my health, my marriage and my ministry.

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terri said...

Glad to hear you guys had fun!!! :)