Monday, September 20, 2010

osu debacle

I'm pulling for OSU a little bit this year...though i think college football is pretty average and that the Browns could easily beat at least half of the collegiate level teams in the country...but if the esteemed mascot can't even hold serve on home may be a bad omen.

Still...bad mascot or not the best football teams in the state rank this way.

1. Mount Union
2. Cincinnati
3. Cleveland
4. OSU

Just waiting for a D-1 school to take a crack at the Purple Raiders.


Jeff said...

I've got to say - I'm a buckeye fan and am rooting for them --- but as an OU Alum it's good to that even though our football team didn't stand a chance I'm glad to see our mascot was able to provide a beatdown of it's own!

wood said...

Zippy the fighting kangaroo would NEVER get beat down like that...butstill a bucks fan