Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Great Event

Today Empower Worldwide Outreach hosted its annual Road Rally. It is built much like CBS' Amazing Race.

17 Teams competed for bragging rights. Groups solved clues, sunk 25 foot putts, fished in a lake for hula hoops and visited a house where an axe murderer made his mark.

The whole point was to raise awareness about the tremendous need to financially support this organization and the ministry they are supporting in Kenya.

42% of Kenya's population is under 15 years old. The need to vastly improve education, along with HIV/AIDS prevention, and bringing the gospel into the dark places of Kenya is so so important.

There is a Kenyan national program/campaign that is supported by U.S. that advocates the use of condoms as the preventative standard for HIV/AIDS. Can I just say that on so many levels this is not working!? If teens are already in impoverished circumstances and can't afford secondary education or basic needs like food and clothing, what maes us think they can magically be able to affod condoms. So we hear stories of teens using used trash bags and other terribly unhealthy, unsafe methods to have sex.

The need for a stand for abstinence and fidelity goes beyond a religious agenda...It is spiritually, physically and emotionally vital, both in Kenya and the U.S.

The onus is on us.

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