Sunday, September 26, 2010

Confession = Refreshment

I know confession is often deemed a hard, undesirable task. No one gets too excited when they acknowledge their own sinfulness and seek forgiveness and redemption for their brokeness.

But, confessing is refreshing. In a world of cover up and deception, blameshifting and justifications, confession is just what people need. People who actually take ownership for where they have fallen short is winsome.

So my hunch is that if the church would be quicker to own where they have been wrong rather than pointing out to nonbelievers where they are wrong, we'd see more people drawn to grace. It's amazing how many people of the second chance refuse to offer second chances to those outside the faith.

So the Church has a way to go to get this, but you know who has discovered the power of confession?

These guys:

Now it could be as much a strategic promotional approach as it is honest confession, but there's no doubt that people at least were curious at the ownership of a bad product and the promise to do better.

So...what does God want you to confess? How about the Church universal?

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deacon michael said...

Ben, you are expressing some of why we (Catholics) have the sacrament of confession. When we sin we offend God, hurt ourselves and the Body of Christ. The sacrament reconciles all of that.

As something that's made up of people, the Church is always going to fall short of perfection. Living with an attitude of always turning to God's mercy will help people see that we are all in the same boat. The Church is for sinners.