Friday, August 20, 2010

Redeeming Fantasy Football

So, the REAL Men of Genius young adult men's group that I lead is trying out something that I think will bring about a redemptive quality to Fantasy Football.

People blow a ton of money on Fantasy Football gambling. It's becoming a huge industry.

I enjoy fantasy football. So do the guys in the group.

So, we are all paying $20 to enter the league. Each guy picks a Christian organization/charity/ministry that they are going to play for, and the winner gets to donate to their pick.

On top of the donation idea, each week, the opponents for that week are not only to talk trash, but they are to provide accountability with their opponent...ask them questions about how they are living, pray for them, etc. It's a sure fire way that we can stay accountable to one another while many of the guys are off at school.

Pretty sure the REAL Men of Genius marker is accurate on this one.

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