Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Blitzkrieg

Today begins the stretch of 3 weddings in 7 days. Shaina and I both have a role in my cousin Staci and her groom to be, Andy's wedding today. Then next Friday I will be doing my first ever wedding flying solo, which I'm pumped for. It will be for my good friend from high school who helped point the way for me to come to Christ. Then next Saturday its simply sitting back and enjoying the day at my cousin Steve's wedding with his bride to be Laurie.

Depending on my mood I either love going to weddings or dread it...When I'm dreading it, its because of self centered reasons about giving up my time...but when I'm loving it, its because of these 3 things...

1. It reminds me of the New Covenant and how Christ and his bride, the church have modeled to us what marriage should look like...sacrificial serving. Usually when marriages go south, its because the desire to put the other before one's self has been lost.

2. It reminds me of my own marriage to Shaina. Not only the important stuff like the vows and such, but also the humorous moments like when my grandpa couldn't recall Shaina, Shawna, Shyna's name and when I put my own wedding band on Shaina and she non-chalantly made the switch so that I could have one on that fit me!

3. It makes me hopeful...particularly when people do it God's way and not their own. Hopeful that love wins!

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