Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poo Police

So, if there were a category in my blog for Too Much Information, this post would go under that section...Some of you sicker individuals will read on with anticipation.

For the last year or so I have been absolute clockwork...I walk into the church in the morning...it doesn't really matter what time...and within 5 minutes I have to visit the john. I don't know what it is...maybe its a 'holy crap' mentality...maybe my body, including my sphincter just relaxes and calms when I enter the house of prayer...maybe I just like to poop on the clock.

Whatever the case may be, my office is located with the youth director and the custodian's offices all next to our own bathroom. My two coworkers happen to be women and so if I see them in their offices, I tend to venture to a different toilet facility out of respect and chivalry. But if they are not in their offices, I let it rip.

About a month ago, the plot thickened as suddenly in our shared toilet facility there appeared an industrial strength dry air freshener spray. I can only assume they want me to take a hint.

And lately, it never fails that the moment I 'mobilize the troops', enemy invaders show up in their offices.

I guess it really is true..."He who poops in church...sits in own pew."

But maybe we could capitalize on this unique scent with some financial gain?

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wood said...

tuned in for a good word, and the word is poop. having visited my share of the facilities there from many too many overnites with the youth, i have to wonder why you dont venture into the downstairs lobby, lots of room, good sized seat, best place to be.