Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holy and Righteous

Can I ask...How would define the gospel?

I think a lot of people get that Jesus died for their sins and they like that whole eternal salvation concept, but as far as sanctification goes, they are either 1)non-participatory or 2) self starters.

Some don't give a rip about actually working out their salvation with trembling and awe in our God. They are content to understand the gospel as a fire insurance policy or a "get out of hell free" card. There is a serious problem with this mindset...its called the Bible. We should not get the idea that just cuz we like Jesus and prayed a sinner's prayer to him that the deal is done. Yes the cross is a complete and total work...but the cross must lead to new creation. Here's something we came up with in our Men's Study that stems from 1 Timothy 1

Faith --> Moral Conscience --> Love
Faith --> No Moral Conscience --> Shipwrecked Faith (handed over to Satan and Hell.

In other words, if our belief in Christ doesn't change the landscape of our lives, the very foundation of how we think and live, then it is a shipwrecked faith...going no where and the result of which will lead you to Hell.

Now with that said...some try to make the moral conscience thing happen on their on (self starters). They think that they can change the landscape of their lives and the way they think and live by sheer will power. This is also not biblical! Christ is the one who sanctifies and changes...creates and births. You do not achieve holiness. Christ made you holy once for all on the cross. You do not achieve righteousness by behavior modification...You ARE RIGHTEOUS because Christ made you righteous once for all on the cross.

So those of you who are shipwrecked, return to the start and deal with whether you really have faith in Christ!

Those of you who are self starters, return to the start and realize that what Christ did on the cross is total and complete and he saves you...you don't save yourself!

If the gospel hasn't changed your entire life's course...then it probably isn't the gospel!

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