Friday, June 25, 2010

sports recap

Some random thoughts from the sports world.

U.S. soccer = cardiac kids. I am still of the mind that running around for 90 minutes on the off chance you might score is absurd, but scoring in the 91 minute to advance to the next round is quite the cinderella story. I will be glued to the next game tomorrow.

Cavs Draft Grade. The NBA draft was last night. Somebody should have told the Cavs. We are still coachless and we are left hanging on to the chance LeBron might not rip our hearts out and eat them. He will be courted in the coming weeks by New York, Chicago, Miami and LA...all places where divas belong. I'm not sure he'll be a Cavalier next year...thankfully, we responded to that potential, by not getting any new talent. I'm not sure I understand the logic of having the draft before free agency...How does your team know what they need to draft if they don't even know who is on their team yet.

Indians...still a solid minor league affiliate of the Yankees. I haven't watched a single game this year and I won't...unless the stars align and a dollar dog night calls my name.

U.S. Open...Tiger, Phil and Ernie all lurking right behind a couple of no-namers going into Sunday? Its supposed to be the stuff dreams are made of...But apparently the best, most hyped golfers of the last 25 years missed the memo that they actually had to golf on Sunday to have a shot at the title. Graeme McDowell held on with a great round...staying steady from start to finish. I am glad of this...I don't think I am ready for Tiger to win again. He wrecked his home, his escalade and his image and I think it needs to stay wrecked until he truly deals with it.

Wimbledon...I love that I'm blogging about golf, tennis and soccer. It is their summer in my mind. Baseball just seems uninteresting to me these days. I don't watch tennis, but I loved the story of the two guys going deep in the 5th set tiebreaker...70 to 68 in that tiebreaker? I'm exhausted if I hang out in deuce for too long, let alone a 5th set tiebreakers.

So...summer sports for you?...A)forget watching...I'm hitting the links. B) When is the NFL training camp? C) U.S. Soccer all the way (while you play your vuvuzela) D)Hanging on for the Indians second half run. E) none of the above

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Wood said...

A and B for me, for Browns fans, not much choice at all is there?