Monday, May 31, 2010

travel update

we are safe and sound...just not in London...or Kenya...or any planes at this point.

We are at Doubletree hotel in NYC. We caught a flight to JFK that arrived at 10:45 this evening. We then were able to arrange for a flight out of JFK tomorrow evening at 5:40 p.m. to London and then a connector to Nairobi a few hours later.

I could go into some crazy details about the day...the frustration...but here's the reality...God is at work...even en route. And lets be honest...if we are called and anointed by God to further his movement...then our adversary will certainly concentrate his resistance where ever he can.

God is using the team in ministry even as we head to Kenya. Pray for our new friend Jessica who lost her luggage. She is stranded until tomorrow evening as well and she seems really genuine.

We have meal vouchers and the hotel stay is courtesy of American Airlines. Pray for the team to not lose heart or grow weary of doing good. Hopefully my next post will be from Kenya.

FYI...we are looking at possibly extending our trip and returning on the 15th. More will come on this after tomorrow.

Wandering in the Wilderness...stinks...getting to the Promised Land in God's supernatural timing...doesn't stink.

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