Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sheep Initiative Part 5

The fifth station featured in our sheep initiative is "When I was in prison you visited me".

Our ministry partner is Bishop Hopkins 3-C Initiative which focuses on establishing churches, classrooms and clinics in underresourced regions of Africa and Russia.

The Bishop has asked us to donate $400 ($100 per conference delegate.) We have a prison set up with prisoners in handcuffs. $1 will break the chains of a prisoner. Our goal is 400 chains broken. We have a little ways to go on this one. We are around $210 on a goal of $400!

It's not ok that kids are in educational bondage because of a lack of facilities.

It's not ok that people in areas of Russia have no access to a place to worship to the Lord, with adequate, trained leaders.

It's not ok that people in Africa are in medical bondage because they don't have access to any clinic facilities.

So we are going to do our part.

Our 4 week totals for those who are wondering:

716 cans out of a goal of 1000 cans.

4137 diapers out of a goal of 3000 diapers!!!!!!!

102 malaria nets out of a goal of 50!!!!!!!

210 chains set free out of a goal of 400

63 water jugs cleaned out of a goal of 80 for a well in Africa!

91 emergency response health kits out of 100!

2 weeks left to reach our goals. I am so excited by the response of WUMC!

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