Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lot going on

So, abundant week at church this week. We are having a fantastic night of fellowship called Glimmer on Friday Night where the staff has invited everyone who serves in any capacity at the church to come for dinner, fellowship and a little bit of entertainment. Can't wait for this! Just a fun way to say thanks to the many who make ministry possible at Wads UMC.

Saturday will be spent setting up for Operation: Sheep Initiative (more to come on this in the coming weeks!) This is a huge undertaking, but totally worth it! Can't wait to see how our church responds!

Sunday I am preaching on the Body of Christ. I get to touch on perhaps the most profound lesson I've learned in ministry. God's put a fire in my bones! Can't wait to bring it!

After preaching 3 services, the leaders of a new small group movement will be gathering together to fine tune the vision as we prepare to launch in the fall! Can't wait to sit at the table with these called ones of God.

Lastly, Shaina and I are hosting a gathering of young adults from some local churches at our place to pray and dream about what God wants to do with this chosen generation. Can't wait to see what will RISE up!

Exciting Weekend...which will be followed by me not working on Monday! haha

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