Monday, March 29, 2010

How's the race

Powerful image in church yesterday about an Olympic runner who pulled up with a hamstring injury while running the race and his dad hopped over the wall and helped him to the finish line while the grandstands erupted in ovation. The challenge to us was how we are running the race. Here's a few thoughts:

Some are running the race well
-They are running to, by and for God. They have a very simple mindset, and it is obedience, no matter the cost.

Some are running the wrong race
-So many are running a race...its just going to the wrong places, emphasizing the wrong passions and ultimately leading to destruction (insert here: lemmings?!)

Some aren't running at all
It is amazing how many folks are debilitated by life. They have some how concluded that there is nothing particular to live for or run toward and so they simply exist until they cease to. The minute you begin to live without passion or purpose is the minute everything in you starts to die.

Some are running with one leg shorter than the other.
Running in circles isn't particularly rewarding...yet we do it all the time...finding ourselves learning the same lessons over and over because we refuse t follow God as He beckons us to deeper waters. I like the definition of insanity that I've heard numerous times...Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So, you got your running shoes on?

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