Saturday, March 27, 2010

bracket busters

If memory serves me correctly, all four number one seeds reached the final four last year. I had a friend who said that the girl who won their office pool was an intern who simply picked the better seed to win in every match up. It was fairly predictable.

So this year, Kansas, the overall number one gets knocked off by Northern Iowa, a 9 seed in round 2. Syracuse gets beat by Butler, a 5 seed, and Kentucky just got ousted by number 2 West Virginia.

If Baylor upset Duke tomorrow, the final four would be either two fives or a five and a six on one side and a two and a three on the other.

I think it's safe to say no one will have that exact bracket. I am a little upset. I did a bracket with Chippewa golf club, which the winner gets a free membership for April and May. I have West Virginia winning it all. I am one of 5 guys in the thing to have WVU as the champ and the top 3 get pretty nice prizes...Unfortunately, it looks like I would be 5th out of those 5. So at this point, the brackets are all but firewood kindling. It's time to enjoy the homestretch and get over my pity party.

They don't call it Madness for nothin'.

How many final four teams will you have guessed right?

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Gayle said...

Is it parity or poor bracketing ?