Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had the opportunity last night to dream and vision with the head pastor of our Church about 2010. We hung out in the podunk village of West Salem and thought through the preaching calendar a bit. Vision matters. I am excited because we will do a good deal of expository preaching, which is simply taking a text and going through it in a more verse by verse manner rather than just talking about topics.

I love dreaming and fear that as we get older, we either stop dreaming or tame our dreaming down to 'adult sized' dreams. Then we arrive at the end of our lives and have a crisis of meaning and legacy.

When people cease to dream they begin to die. If your aim is to simply survive life and get by or get through, your lifestyle and outlook will look very different from someone who yearns to enter the epic adventure that God has in store for those who follow Him.

Before I began the epic journey, a place like Kenya was meaningless to me. Oh, they are starving and dying of AIDS? Sucks to be them.

But Jesus gives us corrective lenses to our vision. Its no longer about having things. It's no longer about a self centered way of life, but when we yield to God, we surrender ourselves to something bigger. Our hearts beat in line with God's and His ways become ours.

The adage is true, we are either getting busy living or getting busy dying.

Honestly? For me,I have five dreams. One is to return to Kenya and explore ways to develop a community that is empowered and self sustaining. With that, I would like to also begin the adoption process with Shaina so that we can move closer to adding to our family. Three is to be liberated from debt completely. Four is to pursue Shaina and know her more than I do right now (to get my master's degree in Shaina haha.) Last is to become more faithful in Bible Study and prayer. These dreams are in some ways stepping stones to dreams down the road. But I am convinced that if we do not look ahead, we will fall behind.

So what is your dream for 2010?

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