Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 5 Christmas Songs

I am not a huge Christmas music guy. Shaina loves it. A radio station started playing Christmas music nonstop before Thanksgiving and she listens to nothing but that now. I get tired of the music because theres only about 5 songs and they get played over and over.

But here's 5 songs that are worth getting excited about.

Downhere is playing in Mansfield Thursday. Wish I could get over there.

I generally don't get amped up for Relient K, but this song is really good.

Shaina has been playing and singing this. I like the style. It's Nora Jonesish. If I ever convinced Shaina to write and record...this is a lot like what I'd hear her doing.


Bebo Norman has been one of my favorite artists for about 10 years.


If you can make my windows vibrate by the bass of your voice, you're okay in my book.

So what is your 'go-to' Christmas song.

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Wood said...

Good selections. Gotta love the Temptations. I heard the downhere song for a bit on the radio, great question for all who have other many left their throne to give their lives?

I have to add the entire Trans Siberian Orchestra Disc -- Christmas Eve and other Stories. Great storyline (read the liner notes) ending with a Father celebrating a child coming home on Christmas Day. "Old City Bar" has a great verse: If you want to arrange it, This world you can change it, If we could somehow make this Christmas thing last
By helping a neighbor Or even a stranger And to know who needs help You need only just ask

My Sould Magnifies the Lord on Tomlins new disc is also a keeper. Found it too late for this year I think.

Theres also a good Steeler Christmas song, but I cant bring myself to sing it just yet...