Friday, December 4, 2009

Idolatry and God

We have a mixed up view of God in the West.

If things are going's our doing...our maneuvering...our manufacturing.

When things go bad...It's God's fault. We ask Him why he is forsaking us. Why he lets bad things happen. Why he is hiding his face from us.

Here's the reality...This is not the way of God's people...It's the way of idolatrous people.

I am convicted that I need to fully embrace an attitude of gratitude. I have two working legs. A brain that, though it only functions at 1 percent its capacity is still functioning. My immune system, nervous system, muscular and skeletal systems are all so spectacularly designed that they work in concert to let me move about freely. I have a couple windows that are really drafty which means I have a home. I have choices each morning for breakfast, which means I have food and income. I have friends and family who would be there for me when the storms come, which means I am loved.

Quit acting like you have done anything on your own behalf. Get on your knees and repent to the God who let Noah survive a flood, helped Moses lead the people out of enslavement in an empire, and allowed His very Son to be born into a world that would despise him and reject his message and crush his body. We have a God who meets needs on so many, wonderful, awesome levels. So when the trial comes...when the storm rages fierce...don't play the victim of an evil and vengeful god...but come full fledged, unabandoned to the throne of grace and be grateful for all you have...all that has been provided for you from the Ultimate Provider.

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