Thursday, December 3, 2009

How the Mighty Fall

It has been a really beneficial thing for me to methodically study through 1 and 2 Samuel this fall. One of the things that has stuck out to me is how quickly power can corrupt us.

David is reigning over a somewhat united kingdom of Israel. God seems to be blessing everything that he does. And then his power goes to his head. He sees someone that he wants and because he is king, he believes its his right to take her. The affair with Bathsheba happens, leading to cover up attempts then ultimately murder, confrontation and repentance.

What a lesson for those in leadership or those with significant amounts of influence. The minute we let that go to our heads, is the minute we falter.

For those who don't think the Bible is relevant to today. Ask this guy whether his choices as one of the most powerful icons of the day have caused him some turmoil in the last few weeks. Tiger Woods was supposed to be the model image of sport, competitiveness, and victory. And right now the headlines seem to suggest that he is another example of moral failure.

There is certainly forgiveness from the Lord available for all who repent...but I wonder how he will be received by those who have held in in such high regard.

It's true. Pride (and arrogance...and power) come before the fall.

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