Friday, November 13, 2009


I am not called to youth ministry. There is just something about the way I am wired and the way the mind of a 15 year old is wired that just does not mesh. That being said, I love high school age folks and some of the most life shaping moments for me happened in the halls of senior high.

God has sort've appointed me to share at our Church's youth retreat this weekend. So I get to step back from small group ministry stuff, college age young adult stuff, etc. and I get to have some fun with the next generation of church.

Even though I am not called to youth ministry, I think everyone needs to venture into high school ministry in some capacity because this is where passion is often ignited, hearts are most desperately crying out, and the gospel can most deeply penetrate.

So I'm off to Camp Asbury with about 30 of my soon to be closest friends for the weekend. I will be speaking on some intriguing topics and the Lord is starting to stir this weekend in my heart. So be praying for the senior high at Wadsworth UMC and pray also for me and other leaders on this retreat who will be sharing the Word with them!

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