Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alien Bowl VI

Well, for the 6th year in a row, I got up early with about 35-40 others to participate in the Alien Bowl, a football tourney in honor of my cousin, Nate Dilyard who died in a car accident back in 2004.

I had been part of 4 of the 5 championship teams entering this year. But a 5th ring was not in the works, as we lost our first game 5 scores to 3.

The winning team was the team that beat us in the 1st round game. They won the championship game 5-4 on a great endzone grab.

It was a lot of fun even though we didn't pull off the victory. The best part of the whole thing was that another cousin of mine, Steve kept his streak of patheticness intact by not making it past the first round for the 6th consecutive year.

Time to begin training for next year.


Alicia Penrod said...
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Alicia Penrod said...

Let's start your training off with a great big helping of that raisiny stuffing Grandma makes....mmmm..actually just kidding you are the only one that likes that stuff. But I'm glad you played a good game this morning, and had fun! See you in a bit :)