Monday, August 10, 2009

REAL Men of Genius

I had the fellaz from our Summer Men's Young Adult Study (Called REAL Men of Genius) over for the MAN-treat.

The guys were challenged physically, mentally and spiritually to complete the objectives before them and I think the book of Nehemiah really came alive for them. It was a blast and I am really proud of each of them for sticking it out this summer.

The initial challenge was for the guys to complete 5 objectives in the woods while "the enemy" (my buddy Kyle and me) was lurking around waiting to devour them. We were armed with Paintball guns and Egg grenades. They were hilarious as they completed each objective.

Of all the other areas of ministry that I am involved in, the REAL Men's study has been the most meaningful and impactful in my two years. But the challenge for the guys is to move forward with what they've learned and been challenged by.

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