Thursday, August 6, 2009


Are there ever times that you think you can tackle way more than reality allows you to tackle?

I'm there this week. We had our REAL Men of Genius Formal Dinner last night, which went well. The fellaz did a great job in cooking, setting up for the event, etc. and I think the ladies had a good time and were hopefully encouraged.

Tomorrow is the MAN-treat. The REAL Men of Genius retreat. I am excited for these guys and hope that they are ready for a challenging night. Pray for the guys, for me and for the weather.

Saturday is our normal Bible Study and two of my good friends from college will be coming in to stay the night at our place.

Sunday I am preaching for mission sunday and also playing guitar.

After 3 services, the last thing on my plate is the Backyard Olympics, which will be an all day event with four teams of young adults competing for ultimate glory followed by a cookout/testimony/worship time.

This is the crescendo of the college age ministry...many will leave for school and the commitment levels go down quite a bit in the Fall. So its my last chance to connect with some of the young adults before they head off to school. I ask for your prayers for strength, energy and clarity of mind as there are a lot of things that have to be accomplished in a very short time.

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