Monday, July 6, 2009

Politics of Jesus

No one can serve two masters.

Jesus was talking about money vs. God, but the principle is a universal principle.

So, do you ever get antsy when your church has both a 'Christian' Flag and a U.S. flag?

Do you ever get nervous when you see a bumper sticker that says God bless America, with a big ol' flag in the background?

I wonder what your church service looked like this past weekend. Were there more flags than crosses? More songs to the country than to the Lord? Was there more talk and prayer about the freedom we have because of our troops than freedom we have because of Christ?

Now I know what some of you are thinking..."If you don't like this country, then get the ____ out!" This is not me bashing the U.S. It's me bashing the Church (though I love the Church!)

The marriage between the Church and the Nation has polluted and diluted the Church. We were supposed to be YHWH's bride, but we've chosen whoredom over faithfulness.

So I wonder, do you buy what I'm selling? Is patriotism an idol? A betraying smack of God's face? Is the Church more concerned with the politics of elephants and donkeys than it is with the politics of the Lamb?

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