Monday, July 13, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

Warning: This is a Venting Soapbox with it, its my blog.

The culture in the U.S. is perverse. I get on facebook to plan a ridiculously amazing event for young adults to come to and I get bombarded with women wearing more skin than clothing. Same happens as I check my emails.

I watch a half hour of tv and I'm going to hear women having overly sensual experiences washing their hair (with the urge to herbal apparently?), smelling men's armpits...etc.)

TV shows don't help is often date one's culmination. A man's manliness is demonstrated by how quickly and how frequently he can get women (usually different each night) to go to bed with him.

Messages are being sent that suggest that kinky is sexy...scandalous is sexy...revealing is sexy. Women are trying to be accepted more and more by wearing less and less.

Some of the more popular movies now are completely repulsive, unintelligent and degrading.

But friends, its time to bring sexy back.

Sexy is a woman of modesty...choosing to let her husband and only her husband see her intimately, rather than any guy walking down the street.

Sexy is a man of purity...choosing chivalry over instant gratification, choosing to battle for his future wife rather than retreating to porn, graven images that strip women of their humanity and God-given dignity.

Sexy is fidelity...choosing faithfulness to one's spouse rather than being faithful to unfaithfulness.

Sexy is a marriage of 60 years where the couple still holds hands and digs each other's chili.

Sexy is Christ centered relationships, covenant honoring marriages, and loving partnerships.

It's time the church stopped the silencing act on this topic and started fighting to bring sexy back.

How are you bringing Sexy Back?

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