Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We made it!

Well, so far so good! We hit Detroit on time, Amsterdam late and then Nairobi we had a 20 minute holding pattern cuz of a storm, but we landed safely after 20+ hours of flight time.

Came up short on luggage by 2 pieces (they came the 2nd day!). Spent today with the Empower Worldwide Staff and then to two different schools in Murera. The first was a primary school and when we pulled up, a hundred plus kids came running out of the building screaming and cheering. After the rockstar treatment we shared with them the importance of making good choices and the consequences of not.

We then went to an all girls high school that was an absolute great experience. We met with about 100 teenage girls who have made pledges to abstain from sex until marriage. It was an honor to talk with them and encourage them to hold fast.

Tomorrow is day one of the chicken coop project for the grandmothers. Pray for this. Our goal is to complete two of the 6 tomorrow. The exciting thing is that they have a huge goal of 500 grandmothers empowered by this microenterprise ministry. We are at 31 now and will be at 37 by the end of the trip. The 6 we will build are for grandmothers who currently sleep in their homes with the chickens.

Pray for the team to stay strong tomorrow.

The BTL where we are staying is amazing compared to some of the poverty around us. We are extremely safe...though there is a hooting bird of some sort outside my window that is not quite so safe...because if he wakes me up at 5 in the morning again, I may find him and kill him. The roads here are minute smooth sailing down a highway, the next offroading on pothole dirtroads.

Peace! Please keep praying.

Personally, if you could pray for our power outlet in our room. It has successfully fried a small portable box fan's motor and an electric razor. I will need to use it soon in order to keep the computer running.



Mike Schnee said...

Man! that's awesome! We're excited for you! I wish you would have let us know though, so we could pray sooner, but there's no better time than the present....May God bless the rest of your trip!

Becky said...

So glad to hear you made it! We will definitely be praying for all of you and for your outlet :o) Sorry about the bird - hopefully he'll find another spot to do his hooting. Take care of yourselves and enjoy your time there. We love you!

Jacquelyn said...

Stay safe, and of course I'm praying...shadow is on her knees looking up too. Love you.

LoriWagner said...

Hey bro! Glad to hear you guys made it safe and such. Miss you and the wifey already - ha, okay, I'm needy. I'm praying for you guys...and I praise God for you. Peace.

2 Hottie said...

So I used my translation skills I learned from you in your seminary classes and am guessing Jambo means hello. Glad you guys got there OK. We've enjoyed reading everyone's posts on the Empower site also. We are keeping u in our prayers.