Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 3!

Yesterday, day 2 was a really good day! We spent the morning working with a polytechnic school to build two grandmothers chicken coops. It was really a good start. We are shooting to get 4 more done on this trip. The overall goal of this coop project is to build for 500 grandmothers in rural parts of Mangu, Kenya. The grandmothers are taking care of numerous orphans/grandkids because an entire generataion (the kid's parents) has been decimated by AIDS.

This matters. The kids get food. The grandmothers get income.

We then went to a school in Mangu of about 700 middleschoolers. We played soccer and just had a great time with the kids, then we closed with a message on self esteem and abstinence. The headmaster at this school is incredible as she has 150 orphans in her school.

Today we head out to two different schools. Pray for us to give a message of hope and life as we teach on HIV/Abstinence, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Relationships!

Our group is working hard. Tonight is our first extended down time since we've been on the planes, so we are going to play games with the Empower Staff.

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