Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tuesday, we completed the remaining chicken coops and have met our goal of 6 completed coops for grandmothers caring for orphans in the most poverty stricken area I've ever seen. The grandmothers (shosho in Swahili) were appreciative and we got to transfer the chickens from their temporary cages to their newly built homes.
The teams worked so efficiently together that I almost wish we would have had one more day...I think we could have knocked out another 6 coops quite honestly.

Today Christa and Brandy, our nursing students got to go to a clinic and observe while the rest of us got to go to a private primary school and teach on AIDS/healthy relationships/purity/etc. The kids were well behaved and solid english speakers, which made things a lot of fun.

After the school, we actually all got the rest of the day off. It was amazing! Some went to the shops in the outskirts of Nairobi. I stayed back and rested by the pool and caught up on some journaling, then the fellaz and I played a game of risk.
This begins the "play-hard" portion of our trip. We worked non-stop for 9 days and now we will wrap up our trip with a safari trip to Masai Mara and then a day at the Nairobi marketplace.

Be proud of the REAL Men of Genius...The four of us will be preaching on Sunday (Kyle and I at Mangu Community Church and Jay and Greg at an agricultural college's worship service.) Both groups have 45 minutes to preach. Pray for us for Sunday. This very well may end my blogging for the trip. Love you guys. Can't wait to see you.

Please keep praying!


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