Monday, June 8, 2009


Incredible. God is incredible.

I have a post coming on Empower's website later (tomorrow morning for us). Read the story that I heard from a Kenyan today.

We built chicken coops today. Killer day. Killer sun (how is it that the only place on my entire body to get sun is the back of my neck?) This trip has put a new meaning to manual labor for me. We have to saw everything with handsaw. The first day, the saws were old and dull. We all chipped in and bought four new saws. They suck...the wood is ridiculously hard and sawing a board can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes of strenuous work. Our goal in coming was to get 6 done. We have 2 completely done and 3 half way. Tomorrow we work to reach our goal.

Tonight we went to Pastor Ben's house. Can I just say, the most humble, gentle, genuine man I know?

We need prayer for energy...for the coops to be finished and for us to keep going strong. The work portion of our trip ends Wednesday, and then we shift to the play side of things. We will take a safari trip to either Masai Mara or Tsavo West on Thursday and Friday, then go to the marketplace on Saturday, worship at Pastor (and Dr.) Simon's church on Sunday and hold a final futbol tournament on Sunday afternoon before boarding the plane!

Miss you all, but I am not ready to come home.


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