Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have a buddy who sat for his CPA in Accounting a while back. He crammed for each of the parts, then took the crazy long tests for each section over a period of time.

The funny thing was that there was one section that was open book and that you could take online. It was only a few questions rather than the hundreds in other components.

This section? The Ethics section.

At some point in U.S./Western history (because I think this is a predominantly Western/Capitalist thing...though I could be wrong), we began maximizing competency and minimizing character.

We are more concerned with what gets done than how its done.

We would rather produce the assembly line than live above the line.

I think we could learn a lot in the area of integrity. Do we live lives that are upright both when others are looking and when they aren't? (CONSISTENCY). Or do we cut corners, trim edges, and seek ease and comfort over uprightness? (COMPLACENCY).

Complacency haunts us...especially men. Even those who are successful in their occupations and maybe don't cut corners there are complacent as husbands, fathers and Christians. They come home from work and sit in front of the television. They choose to drink away their nights rather than fight for their children.

And this complacency...this lack of integrity is impacting a generation. I see it in young adults all over the place...They are allowed to do whatever they want, with no reprimand or guidance from their parents. Sex before marriage is not even resisted in most households anymore.

Where will the upright generation come from if the church is inebriated by complacency and moral failure?

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