Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free Hot Dog...sort of.

This article was on Chippewa Golf Club's website. I'm the man.

Wednesday June 24th

From cool and wet to hot and steamy, only in Northeast, Ohio. Speaking of hot and steamy, we have a couple Chippy Fantasy Golf Players who are just that, starting with Dana Moore, the winner of the US Open $250 shopping spree for capturing the wet and wild US Open that just concluded on Monday. The winning team had a lineup of Tiger Woods, Brian Gay, Lucas Glover, Phil Michelson, and Bubba Watson. Congrats Dana. 2nd Place went to Mr. Jim Merlo, and Jim, tell us the truth, it was your grandson that picked the winning lineup this week wasn't it? But wait a minute, we will have to wait until this week to see who will finish 3rd and 4th, as we had a tie between Scott Anderson and Michael Skunza, and there is alot on the line, as 3rd place gets a foursome at the Chipp with Carts, and 4th place gets a stupid hat. Well, not really a stupid hat, its the "RARE" Chippewa Hat. Last place honors go to Ben Thompson, and he gets the hot dog award with any purchase of 18 holes and a cart. Ben had a salary of $983,250 and scored a pathetic 91,356 points. But we are saving the best for last, as our only hope to win National Honors is Jason Zachardy and his team of "The Attack". How bout a very nice tied for 19th in the US Open, scoring 893,488 points. That leaves him at 4th in the Nation, where he was going into last week's event, but he has closed the gap significantly and is now within breathing distance of 2nd place in a very very tight race. And let's check on the Finger, who had the audacity to publish his picks with The Attack. How did he do? How about tied for 143rd. Nice going Jason, and as for you Finger, I have a new name for you, how bout Smelly Finger? Lineups are due tonight for this week's Travelers, don't get shut out. More in the Humpday edition of Chipp Shots.

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