Wednesday, April 29, 2009

YES Man!

Got to watch Yes Man with my buddy Jared last night.

I generally can't stand Jim Carrey, but this movie was pretty good.

Here's the deep profound thought that I pulled from it.

Most everything I hear about effective leadership and ministry is saying 'No' frequently. "Turn down good opportunities to stay true to right opportunities." While this is truly a great concept and has real life application, it is hard for me personally to discern what good is vs. what right is.

In the movie, Jim Carrey makes a 'covenant' to always say yes in every situation. It's kind've a dumb concept, but here's the cool piece.

When we say YES to the one penultimate, grandiose thing God is calling us to, we become free from time constraints, stress and uncertainty. Instead of discerning what to say no to in a life that is run by the clock, paid by the hour, used by the minute, we need to figure out the ONE thing that we MUST say YES to. That YES can lead us into a life of purpose, passion and potency. It will reveal our livelihood, legitimacy and legacy.

What do you need to say YES to?

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