Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Theology of Rest

You know what, I'm tired.

We had a giant fundraiser event known as the Mission Auction two Saturdays ago. It was great, but it took a lot of work/effort out of many people.

The Monday after the event...I had a meeting to gear up for the next fundraiser we're doing, the city-wide softball tournament.

This month I'm preaching Good Friday. I've got a progressive dinner April 11 which is a huge event. I have somehow found myself in the middle of planning a Leadership Summit for April 25. Then I've got the tourney fundraiser on May 1-2.

I've got a full work load this quarter which is in English, Greek and Aramaic and all has to be done in 9 weeks instead of 10 because of our trip to Kenya.

I will submit my final assignments and board a plane for two weeks to Africa.

These things are all great/important things. But what I'm convinced of is that more important than these is Sabbath Rest. Not just 7th day set apart stuff, but seasons of the year where withdrawing from the routine is the end goal. I plan to do this the third week of June. No church work. No school work. Just me and the Lord. Of course as I write this I begin to think that June is the prime month for young adult ministry...we will need to host a "Thanks for the Support" Kenya celebration dinner event...

There is something startlingly wrong with a theology of 'drivenness', even if it is "Purpose Driven". It's no wonder so many in our churches are zapped of energy, fresh/creative synergy and vibrant ministry. We need to reclaim a theology rest. But I can't do that now...I've gotta go read for class.

When's the last time you Rested in the Lord?

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Jeff Honnold said...

Hmmm...yeah, rest. I've heard stories of that. I think my grandfather saw the elusive beast once. Not sure that it really exists.

What's funny is I read this right after I stopped at Carlos' site and watched this: