Sunday, March 29, 2009

Teaching the Word II

Earlier this week I mentioned my preference to empower Bible teachers rather than Discussion Facilitators. I wanted to react to a point from the sermon at church, which has to do with teaching as well. The Pastor mentioned the importance of sound teaching, which got me thinking. 2 Timothy 1:8-14

We need to
1. Find Sound Teaching to be entrusted to us.-Worship Leaders/Preaching Pastors who marinate/ruminate themselves in the Word and then speak out of that overflow are people we should want to be around. This is perhaps the part of seminary I value the most: Wise, humble, leaders who approach God's Word as an act of worship and with expectation that God will give them their portion. Have you found sound teaching?

2. Hold to the standard of Sound Teaching-It's one thing to find the sound teaching, its another to let that teaching transform our way of life. If you are encountering the Word of God and do not feel a chiseling away of our old habits and ways of life, then we should be nervous. Too many times we are hearers of the word and not doers of the word. Does God's Word influence how you live?

3. Entrust sound teaching to others.
-If someone invests the Word into our lives, we have a responsibility to pay it forward. We do this in the context of our spouses, children, friends, and those we lead in church contexts, etc. Too often the Word stops at our ears and we do not let the Spirit of God penetrate to our hearts, which enlivens our hands and feet, which reaches the world. Have you entrusted Sound teaching of God's Word to your family? To your friends? What impact has this had?

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