Friday, February 27, 2009

Are you an angry elf?

I think if we're honest we all get irritated by certain things or certain people. We do one of two things at that moment. We either clam up or we blow up. Clamming up keeps a smile on the outside, but allows the feelings to fester on the inside. Bitterness results and it gradually changes our attitude, demeanor and interpersonal behavior.

Blowing up is equally unhealthy. Losing our temper we go off on those around us, belittling others, blaming others, hurting others.

This week has been an interesting week as our staff spent some time reflecting on Romans 14:19 which says, "Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding." What does it mean to pursue peace at all costs?

The scriptures call the peacemakers 'blessed' but unfortunately most people fall in the categories of
Peacefakers- people who are passive aggressive and do the clam up routine, harbor ill feelings and ill will toward others while presenting a loving, peacefilled front.

Others are Peacebreakers- people who blow up, not caring who is hurt in the process.

Peacemaking is something different. It is not avoidance of conflict, but instead, at times embracing and addressing conflict.

So, are you an angry elf? Are you peacefaking or peacebreaking? Who do you need to make peace with this week?

p.s. Anger is the topic of the week this week for the Edge on Saturday night at 6. Come join us!

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