Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please allow for the momentary inflation of my ego...

So, if you have missed it, I am 5'9. When I jump in the air, you may be able to slip a thin piece of cardboard...or at least a dollar bill...under my shoes before gravity brings me back where I belong. I love sports, but athleticism is barely in my repertoire, so what I didn't have in athletic ability, I often made up for with a lack of good decision making skills and a lack of really athletic folks around me.

That being said, I had a buddy of mine come to open gym the other night and inform me that I hold a basketball record at my high school. No, it is not for most turnovers in a game (though I have to be in the top five for that). It was for the most assists in a single game. I had 14 in one game at some point in my senior year. That was pretty exciting to find out, because my dad, who played back in the 60's is in the record books as well, tied for the most points scored in one game.

Please, no autographs, no kneeling in my presence, just treat me as an ordinary guy.

So what insignificant, miniscule accomplishments to you hang your hat on from your past...the good ol days?!

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